“papadakis” a true fish story..

i cannot really count the times i have been to this restaurant. i mean i know the menu by heart! this place started in the famous Greek island of Paros and about a decade after, it moved to the center of Athens. the neighborhood is really quite and i enjoy sitting outdoors. the cuisine is of course Greek, emphasizing on fish and seafood dishes. that does not mean that you cannot find some excellent meat also. along with her husband and their delightful daughter, famous Argiro; one of the best chefs around, does an excellent job running this place! my favorite plates are spicy shrimps with feta cheese and chili peppers, seaweed with mushrooms, linguini with shrimps(i always ask for extra spicy), mussels and clams. there are also some signature ones, like the octopus with potato sticks, the slowly cooked chickpea soup and fava with sardines. of course you cannot leave without trying the luscious desserts like the pie with sweet cream called “bougatsa” in Greek and the mille-feuille. so, visit “papadakis” and choose your own ending because after all, there is nothing like a true fish story! right?      

seaweed w/ mushrooms
Argiro’s salad
mussels & clams
spicy shrimps
spicy shrimps
linguini w/ shrimps

“papadakis” fokilidou 15, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 3608621        

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