i like it raw..

i am not really a crazy meat lover. but when i heard about this new restaurant in town called “to kreas” ; the meat in Greek, i had to try it. i found it in a very friendly old neighborhood of Athens. it seemed like an area with a lot of action, subject to a weird kind of food frenzy! of course i chose a sweet little table outdoors. if you visit this place at night and the weather permits it, ask to sit on the beautiful terrace. as you can easily guess, meat is the highlight of this restaurant. i had an excellent fillet of beef and a black angus steak, all cooked as per my taste in a josper oven. as a starter i ordered a refreshing quinoa salad and some crunchy courgette sticks. the real surprise though, was two desserts, a banoffee and a “broken” mille-feuille with ice cream that truly fixed my day. so go visit this place because sometimes all you need is a steak! 

the place
the place
terace 2
the terrace
quinoa salad
courgette sticks
courgette sticks
black angus steak
black angus steak
beef fillet

“to kreas”   96 Dimofontos street, Ano Petralona, Greece tel. +30 210 3247028


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