let’s eat at the dining room..

back at the old days when someone said “we will eat at the dining room” it sounded a bit formal. you also had to behave in a more polite way following the appropriate table manners. the fact is that there was no way to feel comfortable or free. nowadays, the “dining room” signifies a completely different thing, not demanding a specific behavioral approach. it is now a cosy and relaxing place for family and friends. so  a restaurant with such a name has to be exactly like this. and it is! i recently visited “trapezaria”; that is the Greek word for dining room, and experienced a very interesting dinner. i ordered seafood plates mostly, like the fresh fish tartare, the scented scallop with nectarines, the masterfully made cabbage leaf stuffed with seafood and the heavenly paccheri pasta with octopus, chorizo and truffle! you can also taste some meat dishes there but that was not the time for me. it’s really nice to sit outdoors in the surrounding pedestrian area. one thing i can say is that i would definitely like to dine in this “room” more often.     

stuffed cabbage leaf
pasta w/ octopus & chorizo

“trapezaria” Efforionos 13, Athens, Greece, tel. +30 210 9213500


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