do play with your ice cream..

in Greece we love ice cream, no matter the season. but then again, who doesn’t. we also love being unique and showing off customized things, especially made for us. but mostly, no matter our age, we all love playing with our food! right? well there is a place in Athens that offers all of the above under the most appropriate name; “magic pleasure store”. there you can create your own ice cream by choosing from different toppings like cookies, caramels, pepper, spices and many other and chocolate types(white, brown or dark). then you can enjoy your creation standing somewhere inside this minimally designed space. you can also share your creation, with the rest of the world, using the relevant technology available there. so, isn’t this a kind of magic?

the store
the store
in the making
ice cream
ice cream/cookies
ice cream pepper
ice cream/red pepper

“magic pleasure store” Kolokotroni 3-5, Athens, Greece

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