“new” brunch in town..

it’s Sunday. you wake up late after a wild night partying. it seems like hangover will never be over. you want food! but you my friends are also really lucky because i know the right place. “new taste” serves one of the best brunches around. it is located inside new hotel, a project of designer duo Fernando and Humberto Campana, in the center of Athens. eggs, salads, pizzas, burgers, variety of cold cuts like salami, prosciutto, cheese platters, bruschetta, omelets, even picanja are waiting for you in a beautifully designed and cosy environment. not to forget the excellent freshly made desserts and of course the fresh baked bread. Sunday never felt, smelled or tasted better. so embrace the “new” my friends; it’s so full of flavor!

eggs benedict

“new taste” new hotel, Fillelinon 16, Athens, Greece tel. +30 210 3273000 http://www.yeshotels.gr     

One thought on ““new” brunch in town..”

  1. there is one thing i want to tell you, and it goes like this: the image “portraying” the pizza is so vivid, so wild, so colorfull, i think i’m gonna reach out and grab it. really, good job on your “new” post…

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