the best pizza in Athens has a code..

i belong to the kind of people that could live, exclusively eating Italian food. i sure know a great pizza when i taste it. there is a place in the center of Athens that serves great Italian dishes and of course the best pizza in town. “codice blu” is not a new restaurant, it is more of a classic! at summer you can sit outdoors surrounded by all this green and enjoy your delicious pasta, fresh seafood, tasty meat, refreshing salads or sinful pizza. take my advice and order all plates with the name “codice blu”; you will understand as soon as you take a bite. my favorite is papardelle with cherry tomatoes, bacon, crunchy prosciutto and parmesan. in this place you can also try a heavenly dessert, the sweet calzone with mascarpone and chocolate. you know what? “codice blu”  is one code i would badly like to break!

inside w
outside w
pizza w
pizza codice blu
papardelle w
papardelle codice blu
penne w
penne amorose
tagliata w

“codice blu”  Xaritos & Loukianou, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece tel. +30 210 7230896

2 thoughts on “the best pizza in Athens has a code..”

  1. great post, really… the first chance i get, i’ll give it a try, and taste for myself all those fine looking dishes! in fact, i will make it so next time i’m going out to eat, i ‘ll visit codice blu!

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