“psariston” fish gets excellent grades..

let’s be honest; when you are in Greece, you expect to find fresh fish and seafood in general. since summer is still on, why not smell and taste it also? i recently visited a restaurant which is a common secret amongst fish connoisseurs! judging by the name of this place you should expect dishes of fish with highest praise; “psariston” is a compound Greek word which literally means the excellent fish! and that is exactly what this restaurant serves my friends. i dare you to try every single delicacy that Vasilis Akrivos and his team can serve you. choose from eel, clams, oysters, shrimps, crayfish, octopus, sole and many more. also taste one of the most delicious recipes around; noodles with eel, sun dried tomatoes and basil oil. i also recommend the spicy clams, the shrimps with truffle and of course the soups. it is true that i have not still mentioned anything about the environment. well just imagine a Greek island and you will easily get the idea. so go check this interesting place and rate it yourselves, but remember “excellent” is the highest grade!

the door w
clams w
spicy clams
shrimps truffle w
shrimps with truffle
eel w
noodles w
noodles with eel

“psariston” Kalavriton 16, N.Irakleio, Athens, Greece, tel.+30 2102850746, http://www.psariston.gr


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