48 hours open garden..

let me tell you about a new interesting restaurant in the center of Athens. it is called “48 urban garden” and is situated at the ground floor of a well known art gallery. the first thing you notice is the open kitchen-canteen; how i wish i could have this thing in my living room! anyway, despite its small size, cooks do a great job preparing all the dishes inside this shiny van. of course as the name suggests, you will sit in a garden and why not around a picnic table? you can try things like beans with octopus, sea bass ceviche, crayfish open sandwiches and of course burgers(one of them with my favorite harissa paste). they serve some very nice cocktails also and as for desserts, you can taste a yummy cheesecake or a sinful chocolate mousse. so go take a walk at this urban garden and if you get hungry you know what to do!           

the place
the place
the kitchen
crayfish 48
crayfish open sandwiches
beans octupus
beans with octopus
burger 2

“48 urban garden” 48 Armatolon & Klefton Athens, Greece, tel.+30 2130281866


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