i cook my own chicken!!

yesterday night i just wanted chicken. so i decided to try a really quick and easy recipe. the dish turned up to be really tasty! you can try it and decide for yourselves. it will just take you about 25 minutes. all you need is

  • chicken fillet cut into small pieces
  • onion
  • orange or yellow pepper
  • mushrooms
  • chicken stock
  • two spoonfuls of mustard
  • two spoonfuls(or more) of philadelphia cream cheese
  • Greek olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • parsley

here is what you do. first you heat the oil in a pan and set the temperature really high; then you throw in the onion, the pepper, the mushrooms and add some salt and pepper. when they turn a bit gold take them off the fire and place them into a bowl. then do the same with the chicken pieces and when you see them looking “hot” in their golden brown color, add the mustard, the chicken stock and the philadelphia cream cheese. when all these turn into a yummy sauce add the mix you kept at the bowl. finally, add the parsley and get ready to taste your dish! so go cook your own food my friends.

chicken with mustard and philadelphia


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