“stay hungry bitch”.. NOT..

i visited a new hip place in Athens. it is in Vouliagmeni area and it surely has an interesting name; “stay hungry bitch”. do not be fooled by this quote, because ordering too many dishes, will overfeed your body and soul and finally leave you with a stomachache. the portions at this restaurant are really big! you can try things like, vietnamese rolls with tuna, rice balls with cuttlefish ink and squid, black cod tacos, and meat like black angus and many more. you will enjoy a kind of a gourmet street food blend listening to some really nice music. so this is what i suggest “stay hungry at least one day before you visit this place bitches”!

the place
rolls 2
vietnamese tuna rolls
rice cuttlefish ink balls
black angus
black cod tacos

“stay hungry bitch”, leoforos posidonos & orfeos 2, vouliagmeni greece, tel. +30 2108960323


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